3D Printing

Posted on Jan 27, 2014
  • 3D CAD Rapid Prototype 2
  • 3D CAD Rapid Prototype
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We recently worked with Claxton Blinds Ltd London, designing and producing a prototype component that can be retro fitted into their blind units. We used the 3D printing bureaux service at Makernow to 3D print (or Rapid Prototype) the part in white ABS Nylon.

We used Rapid Prototyping as it’s a quick and low-cost production process, enabling us to produce an accurate, durable and close fit component for testing and proof of concept.

After testing we will revise the CAD design for injection moulding optimisation as Claxton Blinds envisage that they will be producing a large run in order to fit all their past and present commercial blind units in the UK.


Posted on Oct 14, 2013

Makernow is a digital fabrication laboratory (Fab Lab) based in the Design Centre at Falmouth University in Cornwall. As a resource of people and digital equipment Makernow aims to inspire and support individuals, communities or businesses who want to use digital tools to achieve their goals. Whether it’s a prototype product, a one-off artwork, a device to solve a local problem, or simply something you have always wanted to make, Makernow can help.

Makernow aims to be as inclusive as possible and provides support and access to digital design & fabrication facilities for individuals, Community Groups, and Commercial Businesses. As part of the international Fab Lab network we provide free and open access to our services for individuals or community groups on the understanding that the work undertaken is then published on-line and made freely available for others to access and use.

Oliver is proud to be a part of the Makernow team adding his design experience into the creative mix.

Get in touch if you want to explore the Makernow studio,

Visit: makernow.co.uk

email: makernow@falmouth.ac.uk

Listening Post

Posted on Feb 27, 2013

I was lucky enough to visit the Science Museum while this was on show.

It was  like being in the Matrix, very eery experience but at the same time mesmerising, strange to be hearing intermittent  thoughts of random people on the internet in real time both funny and sometimes tragic.

Here for more: Science Museum

Mine Kafon

Posted on Feb 15, 2013

MINE KAFON Film by Callum Cooper via: vimeo.com/51887079

This is an exceptional example of how through the simple act of playing a game, you can find the most inspiring design solutions.

Designed by Massoud Hassani

Paper Cinema

Posted on Nov 5, 2012

We were very lucky to have had the latest production by The Paper Cinema come to the Tolmen Centre, Cornwall. Using a magical blend of live animation and music, we were taken through an adaptation of the Greek poem Odyssey. The interplay of intricate pen and ink puppets, creative lighting and camera work, projected onto a large screen was spellbinding. Being able to see the puppeteers working their magic just off stage was the only clue that you weren’t watching something that was pre recorded and post produced. It’s well worth catching if it’s on in your area, it’s not something you get to see everyday…or well ever.


Bell’s Battalion

Posted on Oct 29, 2012

Bell’s whisky has launched The Bell’s Battalion in Trafalgar Square as part of its £1 million fundraising campaign for Help for Heroes. Sculptor Stuart Murdoch produced 20 bass relief acrylic statues which were 2.5D raster engraved from photographs into 25mm cast acrylic.

A Royal Visit

Posted on Oct 12, 2012

It’s not everyday you get to meet royalty. In fact, we’ve never had the pleasure to be in the same vicinity of royalty, so we were very excited to have been given the opportunity to meet HRH Duke of Gloucester at the new ‘Unwrapping the Past’ exhibition at the Royal Cornwall Museum.

As a patron of the British Museum, one of the contributors to the gallery he was invited to experience all the new exhibition has to offer. We had great pleasure in demonstrating to him the very popular ‘Mummy Factory’ interactive we designed and built as part of  the suite of interactive displays we produced for the museum.

Read the full story here…

London Booster

Posted on Sep 7, 2012

During  our recent trip to London to watch the Olympics (we were lucky enough to witness super Saturday!), we stumbled upon this mean chap! He was part of an exhibition at the Business Design Centre in Islington and was developed by David Cerny for the Czech Olympic Committee. I wouldn’t like to make him angry!


Thomas Hetherwick

Posted on Aug 2, 2012

There is something about Thomas Hetherwick’s work with which we can really connect with. After his amazing creation of the London 2012 Olympic cauldron, we were keen to find out more about his past work. Here is a quick round-up by the man himself at a TED talk, inspiring stuff I think you’ll agree.

We Told You We Were Handy!

Posted on Aug 1, 2012

  • Hand plane surf
  • Wooden surf hand plane

Well it’s been a long poor summer for surf this year and to fill in that gap of surf stoke we had a stab at making our first ever surfing hand planes!  I think the results speak for themselves and we’re quietly(!) chuffed with our first attempts. The wood is Poplar with Ash and Walnut centre stringers clamped up into blanks using polyurethane glue.

The hand straps were made from old snapped surfboard leashes fixed onto the planes with stainless steel fixings.

As they say the board is in there somewhere you just have to find it!