Hi, we’re oh design  and we don’t do roll banners. Now we’ve got that off our chest we’d like to tell you a little bit about what we do do and who we do it for…

Museums & Visitor Centres

We offer museums, heritage and visitor centres (large or small), 3D design services to enhance their visitor experience through well designed:

  • Exhibitions
  • Interactive displays
  • Permanent and temporary gallery displays
  • Gallery redevelopment and design
  • Outdoor interpretation & signage
  • Bespoke furniture

Businesses & Brands

We enable small independent brands, shops and organisations to promote their brand values via creative touch points ensuring their products and services engage their target audiences through the creation of unique:

  • Retail displays – interior/exterior
  • Interior design
  • Point of sale stands
  • Brand blocks
  • Sales counters
  • Bespoke exhibition design
  • Promotional displays

Creative Agencies

We support marketing, PR and other creative agencies by assisting with the promotional needs of their clients. We are happy discuss unusual requests and can deliver a number bespoke promotional assets:

  • 3D marketing assets for events
  • Props for PR stunts
  • Conference centre pieces
  • Exhibitions
  • Low-fi interactives

No matter what the size of budget, we believe that engaging and creative solutions don’t have to come with a huge price tag, our skills go far.

Whether it’s a small one-off or additional display, full exhibition design, bespoke retail stands or interiors, we love to work on projects of all shapes and sizes. We have worked alongside museum curators, brand developers, retailers, and marketing managers on numerous projects in Cornwall, Devon and beyond.

If you have a project that needs some added oh then why not get in touch or take a look at what we’ve been up to? hello@oh-design.co.uk

Some of our recent clients: