Back to the future…

Unwrapping the Past is the newest addition to the Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro. The gallery celebrates the ancient world through a wide variety of ancient artefacts, interactive elements and engaging displays. oh design won a competitive tender for the design and production of robust, high quality gallery interactives ranging from plinth-top games to immersive experiences.


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 Interactives such as the Mummy Factory, an Egyptian take on the game Operation, required us to encapsulate a variety of different processes such as the sculpting, moulding and casting of replica Canopic jars, Egyptian amulets and silicone body organs. These tactile replicas, along with illustrated graphic instructions, encourage visitors to touch and remove elements to experience the process of mummification. Bespoke drawer units were designed to house sensory and role-play interactives that compliment the content of each display case. We developed a number of immersive audio and visual experiences including a symposium space which allows visitors to sit amongst a Greek symposium and listen to ancient philosophy, music and poetry.