• 3D interpretation design visuals for the Royal Cornwall Museum
  • 3D Interpretation visual RCM
  • 3D visuals for Royal Cornwall Museum
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Bidding on the Future…

Museum development is of utmost importance when it comes to the future of museums.  The Royal Cornwall Museum, Truro was looking to gain additional funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund to develop an Ancient Civilisations gallery that would house a mix of existing and recently acquired artefacts. The task of relocating the existing Greek, Roman and Egyptian artefacts along with new acquisitions, into one well-defined space was challenging so the RCM invited oh design onto the project team as design consultants to help interpret their ideas and to develop a design scheme for use in its bid.

The successful bid kick-started the project and resulted in a permanent gallery – Unwrapping the Past. With additional objects on loan from the British Museum, a suite of interactives and bespoke display cabinets, the gallery takes visitors on a journey through life in ancient times. The keystone of the exhibition is the mummified remains of Egyptian priest Iset-Tayef-Nakht. Visitors  are invited  to explore the subjects of mummification, the afterlife and beliefs through a series of objects, displays and interactives. Below is a brief overview of how oh design contributed to this successful bid during the early stages, we then went on to win a competitive tender for the production of the interactive elements, find out more here.

Interactive Visuals


Through numerous consultations with the project team, education officers and curators, we had the task of translating the project scheme into a reality. During this process we considered layout, spacial functionality, visitor flow and  structural restrictions and were sensitive to the traditional values of the museum. In order for us to produce case specifications for manufacture we complied a virtual catalogue of all artefacts and then used these specifications to mock-up internal case layout.


We worked on concept visualisations of six specific subject zones, twelve interactive elements, graphic and display opportunities with particular emphasis on key loaned items. This included suggested colour pallets, material choices and specifications, all of which came together to form the design scheme submitted with the bid. The principles of the interactive displays were fleshed out into a second suite of visualisations which formed the backbone for the tendering stages.

The contractors responsible for the exhibition production are:

– Gallery fit-out and printed media  – Parc Signs
– Graphic design – xgraphica
– Display cases – About Presentation
– Interactive – oh design

Visit: royalcornwallmuseum.org.uk

Photo credit: bjp-photography.com