Who are we?

oh design is an independent 3D design agency that produces creative and practical solutions for museums, heritage centres, retail brands and marketing agencies throughout Cornwall, Devon and beyond. Our flexible and ego-free design approach allows us to work collectively and independently on a variety of projects for our clients.

Making creative 3D design solutions, accessible and available to everyone.

We take the time to research and understand our clients brand values, target audience and practical needs. We provide design services that develop and interpret ideas through consultation, conceptual design, visualisation, research and development resulting in final specification, fabrication and installation.

Where have we come from?

oh design was started in 2006 by 3D designer Oliver Hatfield (1:1 3D Design for Sustainability) with the aim of making creative 3D design solutions, accessible and available to everyone. With experience in both design and fabrication Oliver worked extensively in the design and exhibition sector in Cornwall before starting his own business.